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Bacchus Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Starter

Bacchus Wholemeal Spelt Sourdough Starter

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Contains Gluten

Bacchus was the Roman god of agriculture and wine. Bacchus is also a variety of white grape grown in English vineyards. Our Bacchus sourdough starter is made from Lammas Fayre Roman wholemeal organic spelt flour with a culture of wild yeast found on the skins of the Bacchus grapes from vines grown in our garden.

This speciality starter is recommended for use with bread made from spelt flour and spelt flour blends.

{SUMMARY}This is an easily maintained and robust starter for those looking to bake bread with spelt flour and blends. It should be fed every 24 hours on a (1:1) mixture of wholemeal spelt flour and cooled boiled water.
{ACTIVATION}1 Empty the packet into a glass or plastic container of at least 250 ml capacity.
2 Add an equal volume of bottled or previously boiled and cooled water.
3 Stir to mix into a paste, and allow to stand in a warm place for 30 minutes.
4 Mix 25 g of flour and 25 ml of water together to form a paste and add to the starter
5 Stir the mixture and stand in a warm place until it has doubled in volume, usually 24 hours.

If the mixture appears foamy with bubbles on top, it is ready to incorporate into your bread recipe! If not, don’t worry, the starter can take longer to activate depending on how warm it is. If nothing has happened after 24 hours, feed it again with an equal volume of flour and water

Price: 6.99